Recruiting Overseas Dentists

No commitments. No fees. No fuss.

Saint Visage is now providing an exclusive service to overseas nationals who have graduated as dentists within the EU/EEA by providing them a job in the United Kingdom and helping them with the whole process each step of the way.

We handle everything so you don’t have to.

Saint Visage and our partners have provided hundreds of dentists with successful careers within the United Kingdom and we have now turned our focus to recruit overseas dentists with a specialised focus to those coming from outside the UK.


GDC Registration

Firstly, we will help you prepare your application to register with General Dental Council of the UK.


Send Your CV

Secondly, we will begin exploring possible placements for you within a network of hundreds of clinics.


Online Interviews

We will arrange multiple interviews for you in locations of your preference(s) and explore your options.


Accept an Offer

Finally, choose from your list of competitive offers and decide which clinic to work with.

GDC Registration

We will help you with obtaining the necessary documentation required for preparing your application with the General Dental Council. Once accepted, you will receive your GDC Registration Number which will open your door to practice private dentistry.

Skilled Worker Visa

Previously known as Tier 2 Work Visa, all non British-Nationals wishing to work as dentists within the UK must first obtain this type of visa which allows them to stay and work in the UK for an approved employer. Saint Visage will ensure that the clinic you are placed with has the capacity to provide you with a Skilled Worker Visa.

Job Placement

Following your registration with the GDC, Saint Visage will provide you competitive offers from different clinics all able to sponsor visas and provide motivated mentors willing to guide you with experience and respect, providing the ideal environment for you to confidently learn, grow and succeed.

NHS Dentistry

To practice under an NHS Contract, you will need a List Number in Scotland or a Performer Number in England. The application process varies case to case and may include taking the Test of Knowledge or attending some short courses. However, Saint Visage will ensure you are provided with the necessary assistance to obtain your List or Performer Number allowing you to practice NHS dentistry.


Why Choose Us

We're Dentists

Unlike recruitment agencies, we are dental professionals too. We understand the GDC and health board requirements with complete clarity and can therefore manage expectations and find solutions more effectively.

Dedicated Communication

To provide the highest quality service, we will assign a recruitment coordinator to personally handle each case and answer any questions. We offer all our applicants this 24-hour service via Whatsapp.

Competitive Contracts

Saint Visage will help obtain the most competitive contract and terms available. We ensure all offers made from clinics are fair and justified. We can also request specific terms if necessary.

If you are interested, send us an email or message us below.

Available 24/7 on LINE (For Taiwanese Applicants)

Available 24/7 on WhatsApp (For International Applicants)

Alternatively, you can submit your details below and an SV Recruiter will reach out to you!

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Saint Visage is helping provide hundreds of clinics with dentists throughout the United Kingdom. Due to high demand and limited number of clinics licensed to sponsor visas, we can only provide this service to a limited number of applicants at this time.

Places for EU Graduates

Places Reserved

Closing on 4th Sep 2022








Places for Taiwan Nationals

This service is closed until further notice.

Places Reserved

Closing on 1st Jan 2022








Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start this process?

 You can start this process immediately, once we receive your CV and the information we request, we will begin seeking you opportunities of employment.

What do I need to start my application?

All you need is a dental degree taught from the EU/EEA. We will help you obtain all the required documentation to start your application. To find out which countries are within the EU/EEA click here.

I don’t have my official degree, can I still apply for the GDC?

Yes, you can still apply. We understand that some universities can take up to a year to provide your official degree and sometimes even longer. As long as you have a provisional, temporary or mock degree, then we can start the application process. If you are unsure about your situation, get in touch with us.

Do I need to travel to the UK to start my GDC application?

No. You can start the application from wherever you are. As long as you can obtain the necessary paperwork and signatures for the necessary documentation, location does not matter. However, you will be expected to post your application to the GDC.

How long does it take to arrange interviews?

Once we have your CV and the necessary information, we will begin arranging interviews within one or two weeks.

What is the Test of Knowledge and do I need to pass?

The Test of Knowledge is exclusive to Scotland only. All dentists wishing to practice NHS dentistry within Scotland are required to pass this test before applying for their List Number in Scotland. But do not worry, Saint Visage will provide you with the adequate assistance necessary for you to pass this test as we have with hundreds of dentists previously.

What happens if things don't go as planned?

 You will have the  full support of Saint Visage when finding solutions to any unseen predicaments.

How much does this service cost?

This service is absolutely free for a limited period of time.

What is a GDC Number?

The GDC Number is a personal identification number assigned by the General Dental Council to each dentist within the United Kingdom. Before practicing any form of dentistry, it is mandatory that you first register with the GDC and obtain your GDC Number, to maintain your GDC Number you must pay the ‘Annual Retention Fee’ which is a fixed amount each year required to renew your GDC Number. You can start practicing private dentistry once you receive your GDC Number.

What is a 'List Number' or a 'Performer Number'?

List Numbers and Performer Numbers are issued to each dentist by the local health board allowing dentists to carry out treatment and services under an NHS contract. In England, the official term is “Performer Number” and it is obtained by registering on the NHS England National Performers List. However, in Scotland it is called the “List Number” and is obtained by applying to the local health board in the area.

Can all clinics provide dentists with Skilled Worker Visas?

No. Only approved clinics possessing a “Skilled Worker Sponsor License” are allowed to hire dentists with Non-British Nationality. Therefore, selective clinics that have been assessed by the UK Home Office and meet the compliance duties and ongoing requirements can obtain this license and offer the necessary visa allowing dentists the opportunity to work.

Can I choose the city I will work in?

Yes, you inform us on the locations you wish to work and we will provide you with competitive offers in the area.

My EU/EEA dental degree was taught in English but it has been OVER TWO YEARS?

If it has been over two years since you graduated with your dental degree, you could be asked to provide proof of English proficiency; however this assessment is made case to case and is based on various factors. You can contact us to discuss this further.

My dental degree is from the EU/EEA but it was NOT taught in English?

If you have a dental degree from the EU/EEA that was not taught in English then we recommend you first obtain an International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic) certificate with a minimum score of 7.0 before proceeding with this service. Get in touch with us so we can explain this in more detail.

My dental degree is from OUTSIDE the EU/EEA but I want to work in the UK?

In this case you will need to pass both parts of the overseas registration exam (ORE) and possibly justify your English with an IELTS Certificate of 7.0 depending on your circumstances. Contact us if you are still unsure.